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Wave Function Collapse Level Generator

3d tile placement with WFC.This algorithm is amazing. Inspired by @OskSta and based on @ExUtumno work #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev — Danny Wynne (@dwtw) December 17, 2016 This is probably the most challenging project I’ve tackled. I was inspired by Oskar StÃ¥lberg’s work using the techniques from @ExUtumno‘s project ( I wondered, could I do […]

Slime Shader

tried to make a water shader, ended up with a slime girl #gamedev #screenshotsaturday #madewithunity #indiedev — Danny Wynne (@dwtw) January 7, 2017 A shader I built in Shader Forge for Unity. It has animated vertex displacement and normal maps, blurry refraction, and custom lighting.

Rigging Test From 2011

A successful rigging test I did for Naughty Dog back in 2011. I was provided with only the mesh. With a nice base skeleton and some well place+rigged helper joints, I was able to get some nice results with the weighting.

Building NutrientCraft Webapp

Here is my web app, A couple of months ago I was inspired by Rob Rhinehart’s soylent experiment in which he claims to have stopped eating food by consuming only the ingredients the body requires. From his blog, “There are no meats, fruits, vegetables, or breads here… I researched every substance the body needs […]

Sublime Text 2 and Maya Setup Guide

  Sublime Text 2 is a really great text editor. If you haven’t tried it, do yourself a favor! Here is a guide to get you setup for Maya scripting. It includes auto complete for PyQt and maya.cmds/mel; and ctrl+enter communication with Maya. It took a bit of googling and fiddling to get this working, […]

Maya Spotlight

I just started using sublime text, and I love the ability to quickly open files by pressing ctrl+p and typing in an auto complete text field. So fast! Mac os also has this with the spotlight feature. Here’s a version I wrote for Maya using PyQt. Just press ctrl+p and start typing. It will search […]

Maya Minecraft Context

Play Minecraft in Maya! Just kidding. I’ve been playing Minecraft again lately and it inspired me to whip up a Maya script. It is a custom tool context using Maya Python API. With OpenMayaUI I grab the active view port using M3dView.active3dView(). I wrap the pointer to the active view port in a sip instance. […]

Paint Processing Textures in Maya

This is a work in progress. It lets you paint cool 2d animated textures in Maya using processing. On there are tons of amazing sketches that could can be used to create textures in Maya, so I wanted an easy interface to bridge the two technologies. It’s also an excuse for me to code […]

Maya Timeline Markers

This script lets you overlay markers on the timeline. Its useful if you need to set keys on different objects at certain times. I created a QWidget with a custom paint event which renders a vertical line at a list of positions. Then I installed a couple event filters to create a shift+click context menu […]