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Maya Spotlight

I just started using sublime text, and I love the ability to quickly open files by pressing ctrl+p and typing in an auto complete text field. So fast! Mac os also has this with the spotlight feature. Here’s a version I wrote for Maya using PyQt. Just press ctrl+p and start typing. It will search […]

Maya Minecraft Context

Play Minecraft in Maya! Just kidding. I’ve been playing Minecraft again lately and it inspired me to whip up a Maya script. It is a custom tool context using Maya Python API. With OpenMayaUI I grab the active view port using M3dView.active3dView(). I wrap the pointer to the active view port in a sip instance. […]

Paint Processing Textures in Maya

This is a work in progress. It lets you paint cool 2d animated textures in Maya using processing. On there are tons of amazing sketches that could can be used to create textures in Maya, so I wanted an easy interface to bridge the two technologies. It’s also an excuse for me to code […]

Maya Timeline Markers

This script lets you overlay markers on the timeline. Its useful if you need to set keys on different objects at certain times. I created a QWidget with a custom paint event which renders a vertical line at a list of positions. Then I installed a couple event filters to create a shift+click context menu […]

Voronoi in Maya with Qhull

Voronoi diagrams are cool, and it sucks that they aren’t in Maya. I wrote this wrapper around Qhull to create 3d voronoi diagrams. Just select a bunch of locators and run the script. first you need to download Qhull at download my script here run the script below in a python tab. Replace the […]

Triangulating a Point in Maya

I love applying math in a practical way. Here is a script I created that triangulates the coordinates of a target point based on three reference points and then outputs another target point based on a new set of reference points. An example of when this could be useful is for saving poses on a […]